Mbeti : The Road to Kisesini

Film by:
Ann Bromberg

Executive Producer:
Lana Claire Ives

Edited by:
Reuben Finkelstein

2014 Screenings & Events

Watch out for more dates and screenings!



 San Francisco/Oakland area as the film will be screened at the International Black Women’s Film Festival. If you are in the San Francisco/Oakland area during this time, please contact me with more information about International Black Women’s Film Festival.





  Albuquerque, New Mexico Mbeti: The Road to Kisesini will be screening at the South Broadway Cultural Center from 7-9 along with music from the Kubutana Marimba Band Southwest. The money for admission goes directly to The Global Health Partnerships which directly funds the Kisesini Health Clinic, and Tariro. This is a very special night of fund raising so please pass this invitation along and bring everyone to join us on November 1.





 Fundraiser for Global Health and Tariro at the South Broadway Cultural Center





 Presentation and screening in Houston, Texas





 Meet us in Chicago. More details coming soon. 





 Indie Q at the KiMo
IT's FREE!  IT's FUN!  Doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm. Join the filmmakers for a Q & A immediately following the screening.  Showing of Mbeti:  Road to Kisesini 

 Visit Indie Q at: http://indieq.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network



Narrative Road to Kesisini

by Vincent Makau- staff nurse at the 
A road dusty and bumpy leads here
In this African atmosphere,
In a culture woven with skillful hands
Of the Kamba living this arid lands.

Weaves of sisal strings, the twist,
The joy it always brings, so sweet. 
A prickly plant with green leaves
That give string for these weaves.

These strong weaves that hold society,
Despite the tough cuts made by poverty.
Sisal baskets that sort for small funds
For a clinic, woven by these Kamba hands.

Services for the ailing and the sick every
day of the week, being strong for the weak.
This big heart woven with sisal
Beats not for one,but for all.





Gladys is 20 years old, she wants to be a teacher. her family has no money to send her to college so she stays at the clinic and follows the nurses around helping them. She is an interpreter and worked with us on creating this film.


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